When / Where

PPA ROOKIES CAMP will take place on 01 July 2016, 02 July 2016 and 03 July 2016 at Meneou, Larnaca. Please find the location here.


The Camp is addressed to young football talents, boys and girls, between 8 and 16 years.


VISA or MASTER-CARD are accepted as payment methods. Please check the Participation Requirements.

The Camp

PPA ROOKIES CAMP is an event which gives the chance to young football talents to have training and formation with the best experts, meet stars and idols of football and play in front of scouters from important European clubs.  More information about the PPA ROOKIES CAMP you can find here .

The stars

The Camp will be leaded by Mr. Pambos Christodoulou, professional football trainer, Mr. Michalis Konstantinou record holder goalscorer of the A Cyprus National Team and Mr. Giannis Okkas, record holder of appearances at A Cyprus National Team.  Until now important Clubs of Europe have confirmed their presence with their scouters in the Camp.

Who we are

PPA ROOKIES CAMP is organised by PPA WORLD, the leading experts in sport management and player development. PPA WORLD specialises in covering TV rights, advertising, sponsoring, organising training camps and friendly games, in short: almost everything around football!

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Our latest News

What does “Rookies” mean?

The word “rookie” appeared for the first time late on 19th century. Its origin comes from the english words “recruit” and “rook” (crow nesting in colonies in treetops). In football, “Rookie” refers to the new players of a team or even to players that we start playing professional football for the first time.

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“The short history of Football”

Soccer finds its origins in China, Greece, Rome and part of Central America over 2000 years ago but it was England that evolved, as British and other people around the world say, football, to the sport we know today. While the sport was evolving, more rules started to appear. For example, penalty kick firstly appeared

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“PPA ROOKIES CAMP will take place…”

PPA ROOKIES CAMP will take place from 01.07.2016 to 03.07.2016 in Meneou, Larnaca district. The camp addresses to young and talented football players in Cyprus, 8 to 16 years, that wish to unfold their talent in front of european scouters, improving at the same time their skills and knowledges.   REGISTER NOW!

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